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Exploring e. coli and Your Health

E. coli is a bacteria found in in your intestines. Healthy e. coli aids in the digestion process, but some strains can cause illness.

Water and e. coli:

  • It is important to have your well tested annually to ensure it is free of the bacteria
  • Avoid swallowing water when playing in lakes, ponds, streams, and swimming pools.

Here are some foods that can cause E. coli poisoning:

  • undercooked ground beef (used for hamburgers)
  • vegetables grown in cow manure or washed in contaminated water
  • fruit juice that isn’t pasteurized (pasteurization is a process that uses heat to kill germs)

Heat can kill E. coli, so experts recommend that people cook beef (especially ground beef) until it is cooked through and no longer pink. Choosing pasteurized juice is another way to avoid possible infection.

The Center for Disease Control also recommends washing your hands regularly, especially before meals.

Lastly, some experts recommend washing and scrubbing vegetables before eating them. But others say E. coli is hard to remove once it has contaminated produce, such as spinach, lettuce, or onions. The solution, they say, is to take more steps so that E. coli doesn’t come in contact with crops.

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