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Why Test my Well Water?

You have been told to drink 8 glasses a day, but do you know what is in your water?

It might taste fine, but there are contaminants that are harmful that don’t alter the taste, smell or appearance of the water.

Perhaps your water tested fine 5 years ago. Why bother testing it now?  

Surface water and groundwater change constantly and may pick up a contaminant that wasn’t present before.  New contaminants enter the groundwater all the time whether from a tank spill or precipitation laced with low concentrations of heavy metals.

Municipalities are required to test regularly but that doesn’t apply to private wells, so who’s protecting you from drinking contaminated water?

That’s right, you.  

It is important to test your well annually so that you can continue drinking your water with confidence. Simply call (763-441-7509) our certified lab or order from our website.



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