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We now offer Most Probable Number (MPN) Coliform testing!

  Due to popular demand, Water Laboratories now offers Most Probable Number (MPN) Coliform Testing certified by the Department of Health. This method will enable us to provide an approximate count of coliform bacteria … Continue reading

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Top 20 Real Estate Websites

Top 20 Real Estate Websites ranked by number of visits (March 2014):                           Source: Experian Marketing Services

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Do you have what it takes to be a real estate rainmaker?

In real estate, nothing happens until you generate a lead. Whether you want to be a top-producing salesperson or the head of a successful agent team, successful “rainmakers” differ from … Continue reading

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How to Negotiate Issues After a Home Inspection

Real Estate Home Inspection Negotiations A home is never truly bought or sold until the money has exchanged hands. You may have received an offer on your house and be … Continue reading

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Chart; Well Water Contamination Sources

Source: EPA, How can I test the quality of my private drinking water supply? March 2012       If you are unsure about a contaminant in your water, visit … Continue reading

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Who….turned on the faucet?

That rotten-egg smell in your water? It is most likely hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen what? Hydrogen sulfide gas. It is produced by sulfur bacteria that can occur naturally in groundwater. They are … Continue reading

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6 Things that Make Water Unhealthy

Source: HUFFPOST 10/9/13 Water is one of those things just assumed to be good for you at all times, in all quantities. It’s up there on the list of quintessentially … Continue reading

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Playgrounds for Adults

Source: MINNPOST, by Marlys Harris It’s time to get moving on outdoor playgrounds for the senior set My history in athletics is pretty dismal. Lack of talent and coordination made … Continue reading

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Helpful List of Common HUD Terms and Acronyms

Common HUD Terms and Acronyms

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Is my well water at risk for arsenic contamination?

Because you cannot see or taste arsenic in water, it is up to the well owner to test for it. If your water comes from a municipal source, they are … Continue reading

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